Belly Dance Lessons By Sigal

Private Lessons

Get together with your friends for fun and exercise or indulge yourself with individual lessons. Learn to belly dance in your own home or office or at Sigal's studio - at a time convenient to you.

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Sigal is available for special workshops and master classes in addition to the regular instructional and performance classes. Sigal is currently taking bookings for 2012. Please contact Sigal directly if you're interested in a booking for classes, seminars, workshops, performances, or other events – or for information on rates and schedules.
call: 917-294-0948

Why Learn To Belly Dance?

Belly dancing, also known as oriental dance or middle eastern dance, has entranced audiences around the world for centuries. The dance form has its roots in the Middle East, but today belly dance is enjoyed around the world in performances, for artistic expression, and as a fun way of keeping fit and healthy. Despite the name, belly dancing draws on full body movement from head to toe — not just the belly. Sigal will teach you to interpret the traditional music while you learn the dance.

Teaching Experience

With a Bachelor of Performing Arts, and with years of formal training in Western classical and modern dance, Sigal is a capable teacher. Sigal's specialty is the belly dance, but her broad dance background enables her to teach a wide variety of dance styles to students of all levels.

"To move forward as a dancer, one must develop skills on both a technical and a spiritual level. Accordingly, I am committed to teaching the technical elements of belly dancing. At the same time, I insist that my dancers use the power of movement to become more comfortable with their bodies. I encourage all of my students to explore themselves through the medium of dance. Only through technique and emotion can a belly dancer become truly impressive and expressive."
~ Sigal